Fairy Kei Tips
If you need any help finding shops to buy your tutus, or even fairy kei blogs, I'll try my best to help you with all your fairy kei related issues!
Please note though, what I say is definitley not WHAT MUST HAPPEN, it's just a helpful point! Thanks! ♥     

lil update~

Just to let you guys know, I’m not of the greatest health at the moment ^^;

I’m seeing a doctor soon, but till then I might not be as fast at answering some questions ;; 

As always though, if you need something answered ASAP just let me know in the question and I’ll try my best to answer as soon as I can ♪

Sorry about this ;; 

Anonymous asked:
Hello~ I guess im kind of new to the whole 'Fairy Kei' fashion and such and im not really sure where or how to start? Do you have any tips for beginers? Or a guide you can link me to? Thanks! ~°*

My FAQ might be handy ! ♪

If you have any questions after reading that, feel free to ask~

Anonymous asked:
Have you seen 。☆ Atmospheric ☆ 。 on storenvy? They have really cheap grab bags for 4-8 or 6-8 items per $10 and free shipping! Except, the store doesn't have many pictures of their items and it looks like they are a very small store. Do you know whether they are trustworthy?

Huh, that’s pretty suspicious to me.. They appear to have positive reviews here though so.. ;;

Kinda odd that they don’t have pics though e_e

ahintofawesome asked:
Hello!!~ I was just wondering about the drawers from bodyline. I was looking to get some (I think they're called pan026) but the only problem is that I don't know if it will fit my legs. I'm not overweight or anything but I have muscular thighs. Please help! >.<

I’ve got pretty big hips/thighs and my bloomers fitted fine ! If your hip measurement is over 98cm, they may be a little tighter but they’d probably fit comfortably on anyone with a hip measurement under 105cm !

Those are cute bloomers ♥ ; v ;

Anonymous asked:
How many questions do you have? How many do you get a day?

Um.. I don’t get nearly as many as blogs like lolita-tips, but I get enough to be a little overwhelming aha. Also, recently I’ve not been very well so I don’t really have the energy to answer a lot of questions, which is why I’ve been only been answeing a few a day. I do what I can ;__;

Anonymous asked:
HALLOWEEN IS COMING EVERYONE and that means that NerdyLittleSecrets has a halloween special lucky pack out! Not her, but I am the halloween discount delivery fairy~ Haha no, but since halloween is coming everyone should make a few routine trips to local stores because costume knee socks in a variety of colors are coming in and will be SUPER cheap the day after Halloween. Not to mention Monster High themed jewelry :D

Ahh the Halloween fairy ? ; o ; ♪

and yessss, I’ve already seen lots of cute halloween items around ! If you’re into creepy cute styles THIS IS YOUR TIME TO GO WILD~~

Keep an eye on Nerdy Little Secrets here for updates and here are her LPs !♪

Anonymous asked:
Not necessarily a fairy kei question, but do you know if they make clear circle lenses? (Circle lenses without a color but that still have a black ring to make your eyes appear larger.)

I don’t think they do, but if you want a pair that makes your eyes look naturally larger, just get a pair in your natural eye colour ! ♪

I personally want a pair of brown ones, so my eyes look naturally larger, and for example if you have light blue eyes get a pair of those !

I hope that helps