Fairy Kei Tips
If you need any help finding shops to buy your tutus, or even fairy kei blogs, I'll try my best to help you with all your fairy kei related issues!
Please note though, what I say is definitley not WHAT MUST HAPPEN, it's just a helpful point! Thanks! ♥     
Anonymous asked:
I'm so tempted to get COSTUME612 from bodyline for the LOLs and potential fairy kei ness, but the shinyness of the fabric puts me off?? Like if it was cotton then yeah I'd probably give it a try at the least but it's really shiny?

Imo it’s too costumey to be fairy kei.. It’s cute, but it looks like one of those “sexy sweet lolita” costumes ;;;

It’s a shame, it’s a good idea but that fabric ;AA;;;; ;

If you want it, go for it ! But I feel like it’d be best as a costume than in an actual fairy kei outfit.. ;;

I hope that helps !

Anonymous asked:
What are some things I can get from Amazon for fairy Kei ? My mom doesn't like ordering from other places that she says aren't "official"

Amazon is actually a lot less trustworthy aha, since it’s lots of different sellers.. I’ve actually had more items not arrive from Amazon than other places o-o

Maybe show her reviews of stores you want to order from?~

Either way, I made a post about this here !


CutesyKink also have a amazon store, which has shoes that’d be cute in fairy kei ! (such as these~)

You could get this cute pink seifuku for magical girl coords ! (if your mum doesn’t mind that um.. it’s from a sex store OTL;;;; whyyyyyyyyy ;——; It’s apparently good quality though !)

There’s these cute wigs, blonde and lilac~ There’s also this skirt ♥

I hope that helps ! 

Anonymous asked:
Would braces affect the fairy kei look? I'm getting them soon, and I'm worried it might not look cute enough ;o; (The dental/teeth kind, not the ones for your pants or skirt haha)


I might be biased because at my old school there was a HUGE braces phase - everyone wanted braces !!

But !! Kurebayashi has braces and she has made them absolutely adorable ♥

(photos by 90884/kurebayashi and junnyan69 )

She has rainbow braces ! How adorable is that ♥

If you get them in a cute colour, like baby blue or pink (or lots of your favourite colours !) they’ll be absolutely adorable ♪

I hope that helps ! Good luck with your new braces~

Anonymous asked:
who won your spreepicky giveaway? ^^

I won’t release their name till I make sure they’ve gotten their prize *^*

Also I gotta ask their permission first aha~ 

Anonymous asked:
Have you seen the moonkittyproduction post? I was so surprised! I was planning to buy from them, but I don't think I will anymore...

Nope..? What happened? ;;; 

I really like MKP!  ; o ;

Anonymous asked:
I want to get into fairy kei fashion but when browsing taobao resellers on storenvy (I can't buy from taobao directly and resellers seem easier) I happen to come upon a LOT of replicas. I personally don't support replicas, but sometimes I don't think it is a replica until I find a review of the item that reveals it IS a replica! How can I tell whether something is a replica or not???

I have that problem to.. ;;

First, look for a logo ! Normally replicas have logos, usually on the front of the dress !

Also, sometimes if the item is too cute to be true, it’s a replica aha ;;

If the store doesn’t have a watermark on the pictures, reverse google image search it ! Sometimes you’ll get the original taobao listing and if it has a name like (translated) “JAPAN AMAVEL AMO ZIPPER CUTE SUMMER 2014 DRESS” and it lists a bunch of brands, it’s most likely a replica aha ;;

If you’re really unsure, I can help ! I’m pretty good at spotting replicas ♥

It really sucks but you have to be careful >< 

I hope this helps !


I’ll take proof pics in a bit, but I only got them in the post today and they’re not really fitting ;; darn my western body and lying measurements
Best fit UK size 6-8 ! (US size 2-4)
Blue KOKOkim sweets top - £30
Pink KOKOkim salopette - £50 
((I can listen to offers but they can’t be too low ;; ))
UK shipping preferred, but if you’re willing to pay more I’ll ship overseas ; v ;
They’re creased since they’ve been in a package being sent to me for a while, but they’re in perfect condition ! ♥ They don’t have tags sadly ;;

edit : those prices include UK shipping !

Feel free to make reasonable offers, I want these gone ! ~

himifashion asked:
Changing pictures can't change the truth.

Ok guys, this is how lovely and mature Himistore are e_e

Apparently ?? I’ve been promoting replicas? Like.. My giveaway pics are Nile Perch /inspired/ but from what I know they aren’t actually Nile Perch replicas,they’re original designs by the taobao store. So where have I been promoting replicas??

Also !! How can you say stuff like this when you sell replicas yourself? Like.. You don’t even change the pictures ahaha

Also, this is how they reacted after I told them I wouldn’t support a store selling replicas - I was initially publishing privately because I didn’t want to hurt their rep but this is just stupid.. 


When I say a giveaway has ended.. It’s ended??

I’ve already got a winner aha.. So please stop reblogging e-e






Fairy-Tips x Spreepicky Magical ♥ Back to School ♥ Giveaway !

As some of you may know, I’ve been working with Spreepicky to remove art theft from their store, to create a super cute safe store !

And they’ve been kind enough to offer $80 worth of store credit to one of my followers ! ♪ 

Here is the info:

  • Must be following Fairy-Tips
  • Must be 18+ or have a parent/guardians permission !
  • Please don’t unfollow after the giveaway !
  • Must be following SpreePicky @ Tumblr
  • Spreepicky ship worldwide 
  • Likes aren’t counted
  • I’ll give the winner 24 hours to respond ♥
  • This giveaway is in no way associated with Tumblr ;;

And that’s all ! If you win, you’ll win a whole $80 worth of credit to buy anything you want from Spreepicky ♪ 

The giveaway ends on September 13th, 2014 , so make sure to enter~

                   ☆*:.。. o Good Luck Everybody! o .。.:*☆

Added a new rule ! Sorry it’s so late, but I’ll reblog this a few times so everyone finds out ♥

If you’ve already reblogged, that’s fine ! You can follow them now, I’ll check after the giveaway ends ♪

I just got told the winner can also pick from PlusCutie if they want ! 



E N D E D ! 

please don’t reblog anymore~