Fairy Kei Tips
If you need any help finding shops to buy your tutus, or even fairy kei blogs, I'll try my best to help you with all your fairy kei related issues!
Please note though, what I say is definitley not WHAT MUST HAPPEN, it's just a helpful point! Thanks! ♥     
qualia-of-blogging asked:
What would you recommend to someone who is just starting and would like to avoid common beginner errors?

A few tips ! ♥ 

  • Stick to basics - Don’t try coord super hard stuff, make cute simple coords to begin with to see what suits you and what you like !
  • Base your outfits on some of your favourites you’ve seen online - This way, you learn how to coordinate outfits !
  • Decide what parts of fairy kei you like, so you can focus on that - Some people like the 80s aspect, some like tutus and fluffy skirts !
  • Don’t rush into it and buy every fairy kei-able item you see - Often this just leaves you with a messy uncoordinated wardrobe, and you end up regretting it ^^;

Also don’t be afraid to say an outfit isn’t fairy kei. I see a lot of folks shoving a few pastel items together and calling it fairy kei, totally ignoring the whole aesthetic - But it’s totally fine to just wear a cute pastel outfit and call it a cute pastel outfit ! You don’t have to constantly be fairy kei, you might have days you just don’t feel up to being too bright and pastely, and that’s totally fine !

I hope these help ! ♥ >v<

Health Update !

Just an update from yesterday ! I got a doctors appointment today and it turns out I have a chest infection, which may be what’s causing me to feel extra bad rn ! I’ve got some anti-biotics so tomorrow I’ll be coughing like mad ww

Hopefully these and vitamins will help me get super healthy ! *^*

Thank you guys for all the help ♥

I’ll tag replies “fairy speaks” so please block this tag if you’re not interested !

it could be pneumonia, which really sucks:( sorry to hear you’re not feeling well!

I’ve been sneezing a lot recently but I doubt it’ll be pneumonia - though fun fact about me aha, I once was a day off pneumonia without realizing ! My entire left lung was filled with fluid ewewew

But I’m sure it won’t be aha, last time I got my chest checked it was a-ok ! ♥ 

You said you got the flu and never recovered? Are you sure you’re not immuno-compromised in some way? I would seriously see a doctor. Stuff like that doesn’t just /happen/.

I’ve not had a very good immune system for the past few years, I get ill very easily ;; But when I started year eleven last september I got a huuuge flu bug, and I’ve not really been 100% since ;;

Though I’ve also had depression and high anxiety, so that causes my immune system to not be so great anyway ;; 

I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about but it means I can’t really go out for long periods of time or else I’m even more exhausted than usual ;;

margybear replied to your post:Fairy needs tips
Talk to a doc about vitamins! I get fatigued because of anaemia, so I take iron supplements! But it’s different for everyone!
mizzvader answered your question:Fairy needs tips
It could be lack of iron, it`s causes you to feel quite run down, but you should probably call a doctor.
One-a-day vitamens and echinechea to take, then be sure to wash hands a lot and try not to touch your face
Sounds like you might need more vitamins? Do you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables?

Seems like lack of vitamins is the verdict ! I admit I don’t each much fruit because I’m allergic to all the nice ones ;;

We’re going to the doctor soon anyway as we were a bit worried for M.E, so I’ll get checked out anyway, but I’ll start taking vitamins in the mean time ! ♥ I think my mum bought some chewy ones recently~ 

Thankies guys !♪

Fairy needs tips

I have a question for you guys ! 

I get fatigued incredibily easily (ever since around February, after I caught flu I’ve just never recovered it seems ;; I’ve been ill all the time since and catching bugs so easily too ?? ;__; ) and soon I’ll be starting a new school ! (college in the UK ! )

I’m super worried I’ll be fatigued and worn out and not be able to concentrate, even though I’ve already got a reduced time table..

Has anyone got any tips with this ? ;;

Anonymous asked:
Could you incorporate orange or peachy colors into fairy kei?

This is the only time I’ve seen it working in fairy kei ;;

It’s a hard colour, because it’s not as pastel or dreamy as the other pastel colours like blue, pink and lilac. 

I’d say stick to the more common colours because they’re cuter, but that’s just my opinion ! If you think you can make a cute fairy kei coord using peach, then go for it ! ♪ .

Anonymous asked:
So, my fairy community has been growing lately. But every time we set a meet, no one wants to give input on a better day/time to meet. At least 2 of the same people show up when there are 48 of us in the area. what could I do to help fix this?

Appoint yourself as temporary leader! Often when people don’t want to look too much like they’re taking charge, and people won’t really commit to preparing a meetup.

  • Give a date, a meeting spot and make a plan for the day  - Make this very clear, so that people don’t start fussing and saying “oh but I can’t go that day” after the majority found it easier, because if that’s the case, you can have another meetup another time
  • If you set a date on a weekend, chances are most people can go if most people in the group are underage - If it’s mostly working age folks out of school, maybe set up a poll on the group page to see which day people are free on! (this means there’s a set day, so people know when to prepare for )
  • Make the first meet a simple meet if not everyone knows each other, such as a cafe trip or a picnic depending on the weather ! If there’s 20+ of you, an outdoor trip would be best as a cafe might hate you for taking up all the seats aha ;;
  • Offer that you don’t have to be wearing fairy kei, but pastel outfits would be preferred to generic normal clothing, to show that they have an interest and aren’t just there to be creepy >< If they wear another style, say they could dress up in that ! (such as CPK, lolita etc)
  • If you have a picnic, you could ask people to bring along their favourite food ! This way you can get to know each other a little better~
  • Have a few questions to ask as introductions too, such as “what is your favourite brand/model/singer/blogger” so that everyone makes friends who share similar interests outside of dressing cute ! Maybe you could make a game of it so it’s less awkward 

This way, people will become friends and will want to meet up more often, meaning they’ll be more enthusiastic for meets ! It’ll also bond some people together, which means people might make friends who’ll go out together outside of meetups ♥

It’s a sneaky way to get people to want to meetup haha !

I hope it helps your meetups get busier ! ♪ 

emissaryofwind asked:
oh right i forgot about the other giveaway hahaha good luck with college !

Thank you ! ♥ 

And good luck to anyone who entered the giveaway ♪