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Fairy Kei Tips

If you need any help finding shops to buy your tutus, or even fairy kei blogs, I'll try my best to help you with all your fairy kei related issues! Please note though, what I say is definitley not *WHAT MUST HAPPEN*, it's just a helpful point! Thanks! <33 My facebook! ☆

If you want to affiliate or sponsor and appear here, just send me an ask~!♥ Roykawaiiza

If you have an outfit that would look cute on any sex, or you’re a boy and have lots of cute outfits then pleeeeaaaaseee submit them here !

I’m going to make a big inspiration post for fairy kei boys/androgynous fairies who want to wear outfits without looking /too/ girly, so please send in anything you think would inspire them !

If you know of a picture that has a boy wearing fairy kei, please also send those in ♥ 

Thankyou !

Anonymous Asked:
Do you have any inspiration pics/albums for boys in pastel colors?

My answer:

I don’t buuut that is an amazing idea ! 

I’m gonna make a callout for fairy kei boy inspiration, and then create a whole post using images to inspire boys ♥ thankyou !

Anonymous Asked:
I know this sounds really weird but would it be possible to do a tomboy fairy kei outfit? Or something more punk light without being creepy cute?

My answer:

I think so, and it’d be really cute! 

You could wear light shorts over leggings and loose pastel hoodies with hi-tops ! Or dungarees/overalls with a cute t-shirt underneath for a more boyish look~

I’m not too sure what you mean by punk light though.. ;; sorry ><

I hope this helps though!

whothefisscott Asked:
Hi there, I know this isn't quite fairy kei, but I'm wondering if you know of any good shops were people from the U.S. can buy/order peignoirs or nightgowns (like the ones often worn with cult party kei, but in pinks/purples). I really want to get some but I can't find them anywhere! Thanks :)

My answer:

I’m not sure of anywhere specific, but often you can find them on etsy and storenvy if you search “peignoir” ! I’m not sure if you’ll find many in pastel colours, but you can dye them! A lot of peignoirs are the nylon so you can’t dye them with your average dylon dye, but if you go on google it has the names of brands which dye nylon! 

Good luck !

yungsalem Asked:
Any tips for a boy wishing to dress in fairy/oshare kei? .-. I don't want to crossdressing. I still want people to tell I'm a boy haha. Thanks!

My answer:

I’ve gotten a few questions like this, so I’m going to answer them all in this one !

I’d recommend just wearing pastels ! You could get pastel skinny jeans, hi-tops, oversized pastel raglans from japanese brands such as milklim and offbrand stores ! You could even get huge white hoodies and dye them pastel colours, and wear them loose so you get the layered look with lotsa cute badges!

You could also wear harem pants like in oshare kei, but find pastel ones which are easy to find on RTBU on eBay if I remember correctly !

It’ll be hard because as a dude you’ll probably get a lot more comments, and I’m really sorry that society is like this ;__; but you can do it! 

If you need any help with more specific aspects, please feel free to send me another ask !

Anonymous Asked:
I love fairy kei, but I can hardly find any stores that sell larger clothes. Do you have any suggestions?

My answer:

I would recommend looking into your local stores ! Often you can turn non-fairy kei things into fairy kei items with a little customization, so for cute tops I’d recommend checking those out ! I’m gonna be doing a little guide on how to customize t-shirts soon, so keep your eye out for it~

Also kawaiigoods sells lots of cute tops in larger sizes, so check her out here

A lot of taobao shops do custom sizing, so this may also interest you ! fairykeiheaven has bought some customized clothing before, so try messaging her for a bit of help~

I hope this helps!

Anonymous Asked:
You may have answered this before but I was wondering where good places to buy otk socks are? I know taobao is good but I don't know what to search ;-;

My answer:

On taobao search “lolita袜子” for lots of cute otk socks c: 

Also if you keep an eye on lolita sales pages such as the ones on facebook and livejournal, you can find cute offbrand lolita socks for cheap that look adorable with fairy kei ! ♥  I hope that helps >w<

ryurei-chan Asked:
Do people pay attention to whether you're wearing actual brands, such as Milklim and 6%dokidoki? I ask this because I've seen their stuff on Taobao and it would honestly be cheaper for me to get it there than from the actual website with a shopping service and everything... :\

My answer:

Brand isn’t really important in fairy kei but.. I really wouldn’t buy knockoffs from taobao.

It’s incredibly harsh to buy lots of replicas and damaging to the brand - I have a friend, sweetiecakes and she has lost so much money due to replicas of her tights, and Tabuchi from Spank! actually refuses to ship overseas because she’s worried about replicas being made. It can really damage a brand ! Buying maybe one or two occasionally is probably okay, but I wouldn’t build your wardrobe on them.

Instead, find cute clothes in local shops and thrift stores , as well as DIY ! And you can usually find secondhand brand on lolita and fairy kei sales pages on facebook and livejournal ! It’s easy to build a wardrobe without using big brands like milklim and 6%dokidoki so try to look locally and online before looking at replicas !

Anonymous Asked:
Do you know any online shops where I can buy fairy kei clothing?

My answer:

I have a whoooole list here

Anonymous Asked:
Hi hun! Do you know any places to get some 2-way brooches, not star shaped but like the tulle bows? I'm hoping to get one that's at least an inch wide, but no more than 3 inches. Since it's only one bow, I'm hoping it is less than ~$8. Shipping in US would be preferable. Thanks so much!

My answer:

I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean by tulle bows? If you send in a picture of what you mean, I’ll try my best to look for some ! >w<