Fairy Kei Tips
Anonymous asked:
I wear hijab and I have to cover and not wear tight fitting clothing I was wondering how I could do that and still dress kawaii, I also want to cosplay as sailor moon, how could I do that?

I don’t know too much about Hijabs, but I’ll try my best ! 

There are actually a few blogs dedicated to Hijab wearing lolitas and these styles can also work for fairy kei ! ♥

The Hijab Closet showcases lots of different cosplays and j-fashions that incorporate their Hijab into their outfits, so that might be inspiring for you to look through ! This and this are adorable ♪

These are also both lolitas, but I find them super inspiring, even for fairy kei outfits - The Hijabi Lolita and Sugarnoor.

I’ve noticed Sugarnoor seems to wear pastel jeans as opposed to tights under her dresses and skirts, so you could try this out too ! You could wear a pair of cute lose-fitting jeans, and maybe a skirt over the top to cover up any tightness around the top ! You could also wear pastel long sleeved tops underneath cute printed tops that a lot of shops sell, since most shops only sell short sleeved tops ;; 

Another option is turtlenecks, which you could layer under t-shirts or wear under cute dresses ! Angelic Pretty make these most winters, and they come in some adorable designs ♥♥



You can also find similar designs on Taobao shops, by searching “长袖高领” and sifting through the results ! QuQ

You could also get some cute converse to cover up your ankle area if your jeans/leggings are a little shorter than you’d like, or any hi-tops !

If you’d prefer longer, more covering shoes, you could get a cute pair of boots ! Pink ugg style boots would be adorable, and lolita style boots would also work ! 

PasserineArt also has a muslim character called Samra who is a magical girl ! You can see her here !

As for the sailor moon cosplay, you could wear the long sleeved seifuku version with the knee length skirt, with white jeans on perhaps ? Or you could edit this version to have long sleeves and a more covered chest ; it’d be a challenge, but I imagine it’d look amazing ! ; o ;


Since you could include the wand and the moon crescent on her forehead, it’d probably be obvious who you were cosplaying ! As the dress is floor length, it’d be super modest too c:

You can do it ! ♪ 

(If I’ve said anything that can’t be done, or made a mistake, please feel free to tell me ! Also if you wear a Hijab and have some tips, please send them in ! ♥)

Anonymous asked:
Ive seen so many reviews of Holly Tea Time and its like half of them are negative and talk about how horrible her sewing is then half of them say shes like amazing. How do you deal with shops like that are they even trsutworthy? Like shes had so many sales but still

She is trustworthy - I own products from her and they’re amazing ♥

I think you might be reading refers to a pretty big incident that happened last year(?) where she sent out a dodgy dress ;; A lot of people got angry at this as Holley didn’t handle it so well at the time, and now while things have been cleared up and she’s learnt from her mistakes, a lot of people are now verrry critical of her stuff because of it ;; 

Her tights fade quickly from what I’ve read, but if you care for them properly then they won’t fade as fast ! Wash them in cold water and leave them to dry naturally is what I did to mine and they didn’t fade much at all c:

mahouprince also owns a skirt by Holley, and they seem to love it ! 

Personally I can’t wait to own more items from Holley, and I’d definitely recommend ordering from her ! ♥

Check out Holley Tea Time here !

Anonymous asked:
Are there any types of shoes that are perfect for fairy kei during the summer?

Jelly Shoes are great for summer, especially in pastel or glittery shades !

Also converse style flats would be adorable with short frilly socks !

If you’ve got a good budget, here are some adorable sandals :


By Angelic Pretty - you might have to look on secondhand sites for these ;;

I hope that helps !

Anonymous asked:
imperfect kawaii has a storenvy. Just search the name and it'll be the first to appear (i cant send urls for some reason...)

Oh, I found it !
I’ll be brutally honest, the owner needs to improve their quality. The items aren’t very well made, and haven’t got a unique touch to them that brands like Cute Can Kill and Holley Tea Time have. The clay items also look kind of sloppy. ;;; //feels super mean

If they keep on practicing they’ll definitely improve, and they have good ideas ! They just need to practice their clay handling and improve the visual quality of their products !

If you’re reading this Imperfect Kawaii -  You can do it ! Become ~Perfect Kawaii~ ♥♥

Clay is super duper hard to work with, I have no ideaaa how CialiKawaiiland does it ><

Anonymous asked:
I've recently finished love live! school idol project and akb0048, both animes which I loved. Do you know of any similar idol animes like these with a little more action?

Hmm.. you probably won’t find idol anime with much.. action ? 

But if you want drama and such, Idolm@ster has lots of plots that focus on individual idols ! Also Aikatsu! focuses on things such as the idols training, and hoping to pass auditions !

Pretty Rhythm also have pretty interesting plots, with plot twists and such everywhere ! I’m currently watching Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future and PuriPara ♥

I hope this helps !

Anonymous asked:
What are your favorite types of sweaters for fairy kei? ouo

Super cosy oversized pastel sweaters !OwO

I think they’re perfect for the fairy kei look ♥

KissMyKandi (who made my beautiful banner ! ) pulls off cute jumpers perfectly :

Today’s coordinate was inspired by my beloved friend Samichou~ I took inspiration from the things she likes!

((pictures by KissMyKandi ! Please check her blog out here♥)

Also PastelBat uses one in her look here ! ♥

(if anyone wants their photos removed, please let me know c: )

You can reblog the individual images by clicking the images !

retrusa asked:
Can I recommend lolitadesu as a store to buy fairy-kei? i went on it looking for lolita clothing and found that there was a fairy-kei, gyaru and kawaii section, as well :o lolitadesu. com/fairy-kei/

Yes ! I also recommend it too, it’s deffo going on my updated store list !

Click here for Lolitadesu ♥♥

They even have Strawberry Planet, Moco’s brand ! ♪

Anonymous asked:
How old are u? :3 Ur blog is sooooooo cute♥

I’m 16 ;//w//;’  

Thankyouu ! ♪

Anonymous asked:
Hello <3 Have you finished your shop revamp? I went on but it didn't seem like anything was removed/added so I wanted to ask!

Nope ;; I’ve been recovering from a virus recently so I’ve been super duper lazy and not done anything but watch anime aha.. ;; psycho pass is amazing guys

I’ll deffo get to work on it, since I’ve started feeling better recently ! I’ll try get it done this month ;w;’

It’s just once I start I can’t stop so I need to be willing to take a few hours to do it, but recently because I’m ill I keep falling asleep at random times and I can just imagine my laptop deciding to die while I’ve got the page open or something //shuddeeeeer ;;;;

Sorry if this is an inconvenience !