Fairy Kei Tips
Anonymous asked:
Hi Hi Lovely ! ! ! I'm so sorry to bother you, but I recently got into fairy kei, and I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to buy items and pieces for my wardrobe, and I was wondering if you had any tips on making the process more fun and less daunting? Thank you <3

Just take it slowly ! 

Don’t rush yourself into buying clothes, do lots of studying (aka looking at cute pictures and deciding what you like about them - pretty fun if you ask me ♪) and then you’ll discover what parts of fairy kei you love and want to incorporate into your own personal style !

For example, with me it was puffy skirts and oversized tops ! 

Once you find what you want to wear, you’ll start spotting things that would work in coords all over the place, but make sure it’ll work with more than 2 coords or else you might never wear it again ;;;

With accessories, just go with what you love and what fits your colour scheme ! ♥

I hope that helps c:

Anonymous asked:
I see you talked about Lolita Desu. There is a lot of opposing sides about the store, because apparently they buy out items so they can resell at a higher rate ("scalping"). Do you know if they are reliable?

That’s what most secondhand stores do, even game resellers ! They buy a game from someone for about $10 and resell it for $15 - that’s just how they make a profit, same with Lolita Desu ><; 

I haven’t heard much drama about them either ! Unless I’m missing out on something..? ;;; 

They’re reliable though, and if you can’t find the item elsewhere then it’s a good place to shop ! ♥

ahintofawesome asked:
Hellooo so I've seen some people with gems and stuff on their faces but I was wondering if they use real stickers or special stickers. Is it ok to wear stickers on your face?? P.S I LOVE what you've done with the place :P

Most people use eyelash glue to stick things to their faces ! 

Stickers probably won’t stick by themselves, so maybe give that a shot !

and thank you ! I’m glad you like it OwO

Anonymous asked:
(It's the olive skin anon speaking!) I can't express how grateful I am to you right now, I was able to find my lolita dream dress in the right color thanks to you! Thank you very much for helping, it actually boosted my confidence as well!

Oh my goodness I’m so glad it helped ! 

I hope you post lots of piccys of you in your dream dress ♪ I’m super glad you got a confidence boost, you should let Princess-Peachie know that her guides were helpful too ! I’m sure she’d be happy to hear ! QuQ 

Anonymous asked:
I hate to say it, but I bought a skirt from HTT before and it wasn't very good. There was a tulle trim on the bottom that wasn't sewn on correctly so about half of it was sewn directly to the inside of the skirt. The quality of the fabric wasn't too good either, it was cheap and see-through, but she didn't put enough fabric that I could stick a pannier under it. Basically, not a happy experience. HOWEVER, I also ordered jewelry with that skirt, and I have to say her jewelry remains top-notch.

Ah ;; Maybe it’s hit and miss then ? ;;

I agree with her accessories being amazing though, I own some and they’re all A++ ! 

Anonymous asked:
So I've been into the lolita style for a while, but I haven't heard of fairy kei until recently and honestly my everyday style has some similar characteristics to it. Although I'm still not entirely sure what falls within fairy kei guidelines. I'm sure you've had this asked before but do you recommend a specific tumblr/website for someone new to the style?

Well I’d recommend looking through my site ! plugplugplug

Here are some great guides ! 

Parfait Doll : Pastel Pop Darlings: The Fairy Kei Guide (my favourite ! )

Vanillery Garden: What Is Fairy Kei? (Huge Link-List Edition) (some amazing links !)

POPkakumei: ~*~Fairy Kei~*~


Also my FAQ has loads of handy links ! 

I hope this helps 

Anonymous asked:
I've always been confused about the sizing for some dresses I've found online; it seems the bust is always smaller than the waistline of the dress by almost 10 cm. That's like, negative bust, which is why I'm a bit confused. Do you have any clue as to why this is? Thank you!

Hmm.. I’m not sure either ;;

Are you certain it’s the bust you’re looking at? ;;

If that’s not the case then I’m genuinely unsure, sorry ! 

Does anyone have any idea? 

Anonymous asked:
Hiya! I'm going to be attending my very first fariy kei meet soon and I wanted some advice! I'm a seasoned lolita and I've been into lolita fashion for years, I wanna try fairy kei, but I'm no expert. I definitely have a general idea of what the fashion is but this is my first time trying it. I'm thinking of layering two pastel tutus, some pink otk's, tea parties, accessories from chocomint and cute can kill, and cutsew. Is this a good idea? Do you have any recommendations? Thanks! ♥

That sounds like an adorable coord ! From what I can hear it sounds perfect ♥ 

I hope you have fun at your meet ! ♪

Anonymous asked:
Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for the milklim shopping guide~ I'm hoping to buy something from them soon!

Yay !♪

I’m glad it could help, milklim has the loveliest stuff ♥ 

Anonymous asked:
Pinkly Ever After is so cute~! <333 Do you know if they handmade their items? Or if they go to any conventions to sell stock?

Their clothing is handmade ! Some of their accessories aren’t though ;

I’m not sure about cons, so check their FB page heremfor info about cons ! ♥ They also have a tumblr here !

They are super cute aren’t they ! It’s long sold out but I really reaaaallllly want this dress : 

Pinkly Ever After | Romantic Flight OP | Online Store Powered by Storenvy

And also some of the fuzzy OTK socks ♥♥